Animal health and sales policies:

#1 (and most important!) - We reserve the right to cancel any sale prior to actually transferring the animal(s) (with refund of any payments, if the cancellation is our decision). And...we will take any animal back at any time! These animals are the product of blood, sweat and tears from our entire family, including our children - and we're committed to ensuring that they live the longest, healthiest lives possible.

#2 Welsh - ponies (weanling through finished) will occasionally be available. All ponies are WPCSA and USEF lifetime registered and up to date on all health requirements (including Coggins testing and vaccinations for EWT/EFR/WNV, PHF, S. equi, rabies and botulism). All ponies are sold with an RFR clause in the contract.

#3 LGDs - our Anatolians are usually placed in working homes. Puppies are held until 12 weeks unless the buyer has an older LGD to "guide" the pup. All puppies will are up to date on all health requirements, including deworming and puppy vaccinations. We will provide a 25% refund on the sale of any LGD if provided with a copy of a spay/neuter certificate (preferably around 2 years of age). All puppies are sold with an RFR clause in the contract, with a 50% buyback guarantee.  Adult ASDs are occasionally available.

#4 Goats - kids are usually available in the spring (bottle kids can leave around 2 weeks of age (still being bottle fed) and dam raised kids are weaned around 10 weeks of age).  Adults may be available year-round. All does and bucks are registered with their respective registries (MGR or ADGA), wethers are not registered. All goats are vaccinated for CD&T, pneumonia and rabies, and all parent stock is tested annually for CAE, CL and JD.

*We are no longer breeding rabbits.

*We are no longer breeding chickens.

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