Welcome to Slackwater Farm!

Nestled along the shores of St. Jerome's Creek in Dameron, Maryland, we raise Welsh ponies, Anatolian shepherds, Nigerian dwarf and myotonic goats.  

Updates February 2024:

Available Welsh FOR SALE: 

Slackwater Ivy League, 2021 chestnut scection B mare - $4500


Available Welsh FOR LEASE:

Pyron Easter Signature, 2016 grey (chestnut) section B mare


Available LGDs:

Echo x Ziggy litter possible for 2024


Available goats:


several two year old does

several bucks

kids expected beginning in March


one buck

kids expected beginning in February

ALL GOATS can be sold as "package deals," with discounts, and some urelated bucks are available for a starter herd.


E-mail slackwaterfarm@gmail.com for more details/information on specific animals!






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Contact us:  slackwaterfarm@gmail.com