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Nestled along the shores of St. Jerome's Creek in Dameron, Maryland, we raise Welsh ponies, Anatolian shepherds, Nigerian dwarf and myotonic goats.  

Updates August 2023:

Available Welsh FOR SALE: 

Slackwater Ivy League, 2021 chestnut scection B filly - $6500

Slackwater Fools Gold, 2022 palomino section B gelding - $5500

Slackwater Forget Me Not, 2022 seal brown section B filly - $6500

Slackwater Mischief Managed, 2023 grey (bay) Halfbred colt - $7500

Slackwater Red Sky at Night, 2023 chestnut section C colt - $7500


Available Welsh FOR LEASE:

Wynshire's Lady Victoria, 2005 chestnut section C mare

Pyron Easter Signature, 2016 grey (chestnut) section B mare

Slackwater Fleur de Lys, 2020 palomino section C mare


Available LGDs:

Anna, Arthur, Astrid, Morgan - all from the Camelot litter.  UTD on EVERYTHING and spayed/neutered.  $800/ea


Available goats:

Myotonics: 1 weanling doeling, 1 weanling wether, 5 yearling does, 2 2yo does.  $250/ea (wether is $100)

Nigerians: 2 yearling does.  $300/ea

ALL GOATS can be sold as "package deals," with discounts, and some urelated bucks are available for a starter herd.


E-mail slackwaterfarm@gmail.com for more details/information on specific animals!






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