Slackwater Farm
Slackwater Farm

Welcome to Slackwater Farm!

Slackwater Farm is located on a creek that leads into the Chesapeake Bay, in a community known for its watermen (the Maryland blue crab and the Virginia oyster are popular local fare) and the "end of the earth" feeling as you head down towards Point Lookout.  Farming and fishing are still ways to make a living in Southern Maryland, and our small flock of chickens and herd of goats are perfect for homesteading and are right at home in this beautiful area that prides itself in living off of the land.


We have heritage and modern breeds that are beautiful and practical (well, except for the rabbits).  It is important that our animals be hardy and good producers, and, most importantly, that they be child-safe.  While we strive to breed as close to the breed standard as possible, we will not breed for show at the expense of function or personality.  As a result, our offspring are true to the breed standards but, most importantly, are perfect for other small farms such as ours.  


Please wander around our virtual farm to learn a bit more about the chickens and goats and why we've chosen them.  If you're interested in eggs, chicks, goat kids or rabbit kits, information on what is available for sale is listed on our Sales page.






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