Slackwater Farm
Slackwater Farm

myotonic (fainting) goats

The myotonic (fainting) goats are well muscled animals that are decent milk producers, while being hardy and having great personalities.  Their "fainting" (which is actually a muscle condition that causes them to tense up & fall over, but does not actually hurt them) often brings comic relief to the farm!  We strive to find animals that meet the breed standard (note, however, that this is more of a "land race" than a true breed); for more information, visit


PJ Farms Sven (blue eyes)


PJ Farms Elsa





Syncope Falls Cut a Shine!


Syncope Falls Virginia Blue Belle


Cookies N Cream (blue eyes)

Slackwater's Honey

PJ Farms Sven X PJ Farms Elsa (2015)


nigerian dwarfs

Nigerian Dwarfs are a miniature dairy goat that bring purpose, color and personality to the farm.  They are compact, making them perfect for smaller farms, and are good producers given their size (  Our lines have been chosen for their production capability, and their fantastic, in-your-pocket personalities makes them a favorite for both our children and visitors.


FurNFeathers Beach Boy


Sweet Garden Fancy Flower


Sweet Garden Festuca Blue


mini nubians

Mini nubians are an experimental breed (, resulting from the cross of a Nigerian dwarf buck with a Nubian doe (in the first generation).  The goal of this pairing is to create a goat that is still compact enough for the small farm, but a better producer than the Nigerian.  We don't have any mini nubians on the ground yet, but we are looking forward to our first generation and bringing in other later-generation bloodlines to continue the development of the breed. 


The Joy's Darci


The Bethany's Anna