Slackwater Farm
Slackwater Farm


Blue laced red wyandottes are a color variety of the American wyandotte, which is a heritage breed.  While breeding true to breed standards (, the color is not yet APA recognized.  That has not stopped them from becoming increasingly popular, and their hardiness and practicality make them beautiful and functional additions to our farm.


We've collected birds from the four best bloodlines - 2010 Paul, 2011 Foley, 2012 Sterling and 2012 Blue - and have carefully selected the best birds from these lines and subsequent breedings.  The resulting birds have striking lacing, deep mahogony reds, and beautiful wyandotte body fullness.



2013 cockerel - Paul lines

2011 hen

2014 pullet



Imported English Orpingtons are massive, yet docile birds.  Quite a bit larger and "fluffier" than their American standard counterparts, they are magnificent birds with a very regal appearance (  In an effort to breed to the ultimate type, however, utility is often lost, resulting in poor egg layers and low fertility.  This doesn't mesh well with the economics of a small farm, so we have carefully selected English Orpingtons that closely fit the breed profile, but are also fertile and prolific.  They are functional AND beautiful - and we love them!



2013 hen

2014 cockeral

2014 pullet